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process: what was it like to work within a limited form (the physical box) to articulate your idea? Typical elements that the teams should include in their box are: A product name A graphic A couple of key bullet points to sell the product Key features described on the back any operating requirements. Part 3: Sell the Box (aka Sharing by selling) Time: 3-5 minutes per group discussion after all of the selling has taken place Each team is given an opportunity to sell their box to the larger group. Even though its a playful output, its highly practical; one client kept a box on his shelf for six months, and would toss it over anytime someone asked what his team was doing with the new intranet. What is important to them? Source: m/view/using-design-games Final Notes from Facilitator Consider running a second or multiple rounds: the exercise works well as an open-ended, divergent process, but if youre aiming for agreement, you can repeat the exercise so that teams converge on an agreed-upon, shared box. Some questions to throw out to the groups to get them thinking about their box: Whats the tone?

Running the Game 1, part. Background, this exercise is commonly attributed to Bill Shakelford and Jim Highsmith, creators of the agile method Agile Software Development. People typically put features on the box, but when they sell them, they translate those features into benefits. It can also serve to heighten peoples performance. This exercise is meant for product teams, applications, services, and can be used to facilitate any vision-oriented discussion. Before teams can begin designing and making their box, they need to brainstorm on what could go.

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