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pirate korttelin bitcointalk

also been made 10,11 over whether Pirate would pay back; these bets have not yet closed, as the deadline for Pirate to pay in full is still over one week away. Attorney Preet Bharara said: As alleged, Trendon Shavers managed to combine financial and cyber fraud into a Bitcoin Ponzi scheme that offered absurdly high interest payments, and ultimately cheated his investors out of their Bitcoin investments. I told him I can already create ERC20 tokens on Minereum why do I need Bancor? It is unclear if a Pirate default is good or bad for the Bitcoin price; on the one hand, it reduces confidence in Bitcoin as a whole, while on the other hand, it means that many wealthy depositors suddenly have far fewer bitcoins than they. We and our partners operate globally and use cookies, including for analytics, personalisation, and ads. Since then, following the tradition started by the. Org has since been edited ) m/VZgm7Dvy p?g1029638#msg1029638 /item? FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge George Venizelos said: Shavers used a new currency, but the same old reprehensible tricks. They're using BAT selling out as an excuse to completely shill their investors, check out the newbie accounts with 20 posts all on their thread. At first, Pirate promised that all BST depositors would be paid back including interest up to the last hour a promise which many pointed out would be very difficult to fulfill even for a legitimate business, as he would be accruing over 50,000 USD.

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However, even then, BST was simply growing too large and too quickly to last, and on August 14, Pirate was forced to contain his growing debts by shifting down his gears. The primary purpose of this project is to allow people to create ERC20 tokens and get them backed. These guys must have not known about Minereum which is also built on Ethereum as well. The craziest thing of all is when I went in their slack and questioned their core developer. According to authorities, BCS T was nothing more than an elaborate Ponzi scam that Shavers used to take in millions of dollars in Bitcoin. And, at some point this summer, the time finally came. It's still always immediately exchangeable for any other coin or token on the entire Bancor network (including ETH and every major ERC20 token) Waves has their decentralized exchange, of course, but it still requires that you find a second party to trade with, which rules.

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